TM Promo – Free 6 Months OR Unifi Free TV

Get a free 6 months or 42 inch TV?

Unifi free TV? Do you know that you now can get a free 42 inch TV when switch your current home fibre internet to unifi home fibre?

unifi free tv

As a strategy to have non unifi users to subscribe to their home fibre, TM now has a TIME LIMITED promo that offers you a six-month FREE subscription or a 42 inch TV for your entertainment.

If you are currently a subscriber or CelcomDigi Home Fibre, Maxis Home Fibre or Time Home Fibre then you are good to go. It is very worth to give try.

Do not miss the opportunity and wait too long. The promotion will not last forever. It is only until 31 December 2023.





How the Offer Looks Like?

Speed OfferingFree Speed UpgradeWaiverFree TV
30 MbpsYes3 monthsNo
100 Mbps – 500 MbpsYes6 monthsORYes
800 MbpsNo6 monthsORYes
1 GbpsNo Offer
2 GbpsNo Offer
Unifi Free TV and 6-month waiver

From the table above, package between 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps will enjoy a double promo offer which consists of a Free 6-month Speed Upgrade and a free 6-month waiver OR a free 42 inch TV.

Which One? Waiver or Free TV?

Still confuse and do not know which to choose, that is fine, we will guide you how to select the one that suitable for you.

Unifi Free TV – How much is the current price

Based on our survey on Malaysia’s popular marketplaces, Shopee and Lazada, the price of a 42 inch TV is from approximately RM850 to RM1200 depending on model.

Since TM did not reveal the brand and model, we assume the lowest price of RM850.

You Take6 month offer SavingTV
100 MbpsRM129 x 6 = RM774RM1,000
300 MbpsRM159 x 6 = RM954RM1,000
500 MbpsRM209 x 6 = RM1254RM1,000
800 GbpsRM299 x 6 = RM1794RM1,000
Unifi Promotion till 31 Dec 2023

From the above calculations, we can conclude that you can maximize the benefits of the offer if you go for unifi package 500 Mbps or above.

If you want to subscribe 100 Mbps, then better to take the 42 inch TV as it is more

Downtime During Migration?

Many of us will feel reluctant to switch to a new provider as they worry about downtime during migration.

We understand your concerns, and here is what we can offer you.

This is a seamless migration, so you do not need to worry about your internet connectivity downtime issue.

In this case, the current internet connection will switch over to Maxis as soon as the Maxis installation completes.

Undeniable and Hard to Reject Offer

In total, you can save approximately RM180 = RM30 x 6 (Monthly subscription for 300 Mbps @ RM159 / month less RM129 of 100 Mbps) just for the upgrade.

All together after adding in the price of 42 inch TV, it will about RM180 + RM850 which is more than a thousand ringgits.

Waiting Time for the Installation

We can estimate the process will take around 14 days or less from the day you submit the application.

Let see how the process works.

Apply to us. Simply By WhatsApp Us at with unifi installation address. Utility bills are the best reference.

We check the coverage in TM system and reply to you.

If available, upon your confirmation, please submit your application with supporting documents.

You will be notified by email and/or SMS upon application approval.

Installation at your premise.

Enjoy you unlimited data fibre broadband.

So, How Can Grab the Offer?

You just to contact us by WhatsApp

Still Need an Extra?

Don’t worry. We understand your concern and we for sure will offer whatever we think will benefit you.

Just chat us here on WhatsApp and we will offer you something that will be happy.

Act Before It Is Too Late!

The offer will end around end of 2023. We cannot guarantee if the promotion will be extended. GRAB IT NOW!!





So, we advise you to contact us and take the offer the sooner possible as it now less than a hundred day to the end of promotion.

Enjoy your day and have a great internet experience.

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