Internet Speed Test

You can test your internet speed test and see the results.

Just click the GO button and it will measure your internet speed automatically.

Please take note that the internet speed test measurement consumes your data.

If you are using a limited data plan please think twice.

You do not need to worry if you are using unlimited home fibre internet such as tm unifi, Maxis Fibre, Time Fibre or DelcomDigi Home Fibre.

One time measurement may consume a few hundred megabytes of data.

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This internet speed test is suitable for

TM Unifi Home Fibre Internet

Maxis Fibre Home and Business

CelcomDigi Home Internet

Time Fibre Home and Business Internet

Mobile internet for Maxis, Unifi, Yes, u mobile, Celcom and any other providers

Below are the important things to do before performing the internet speed test.

To get an accurate result, do connect only to one device at a time

Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is in a stable connection.

There is no blocking by the wall or thick object between the device under test and WiFi router

If you want to change your current internet don’t hesitate to WhatsApp Us.

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