Why TM Unifi Lite (Streamyx)

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FREE Calls to Fixed Lines

FREE Installation

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Unifi Lite Plan Pricing

We answer your questions

How fast is the installation?

Our system will automatically choose the earliest available time slot. It usually takes a week. In certain cases, it may be as early as 3-4 days. It may take longer during peak season.

How much the application process fee?

FREE. However, you need to pay RM100 advance payment within 10 days after Unifi installation.

What is Free standard installation?

It covers the installation for a maximum of 15 meters fibre cable and no wall drilling, special request to route the cable etc. You need to consult the TM contract if you need extra service.

What if I terminate early?

You will need to pay a penalty of monthly recurring charge times the remaining unexpired duration.
Example: You subscribed Unifi 30 Mbps in Jan 2020, then you want to terminate the service in Apr 2020. Then you need to pay RM89 x 20.

6 Simple Steps to Apply

1. Choose package

Fill up the form to proceed registration or Whatsapp us.

2. We explain to you

We will contact you to confirm and give advice.

3. Thumbprint

*Thumbprint is not needed during MCO period

4. Installation

Installer will install the service in your premises.

5. Enjoy Your Service

Enjoy your high speed broadband with unlimited quota.

6. Pay Upfront Payment

Pay upfront payment within 10 days of activation to avoid service suspended.

7. Get your mystery gift

Whatsapp us after you pay the upfront payment. We will send the gift to you.
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We offer RM30 e-wallet for every successful application.