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Registration and activation are FREE. Once your installation is completed you need to pay RM100 within after installation and activation.

Yes, you can. However, you will need to pay the remaining number of months charges. For example if you terminate it after 14 months of usage of RM89 package, then you need to pay RM89/month x (24 – 14 month) = RM890 plus any applicable tax.

TM has their own bill cut-off date. If the cut off date is on the 25th of every month and your installation was on 23rd of the same month, your first bill date will only 2 days pro-rated. The following month you will get the full one month bill.

By default, you will only receive electronic bill sent to your email when you registered. If you need a paper bill, please let our agent know. Please take note note that you will need to pay RM2 per month to get paper bill sent by mail.

It varies depends on location and installer availability. It usually takes about a week to 2 weeks for a normal process. If there are any issues then it may take about 3 – 4 weeks or even months.

Below are the recommendations only and you can choose whichever you think can meet you household requirements.
1-2 users for 1 to 2 devices: 30 Mbps.(No TV Channels)
2-3 users max 5 devices: 100Mbps.(No TV Channels)
6 users multiple devices: 300 Mbps. (Comes with Ultimate TV Channels)
10 users multiple devices: 500Mbps. (Comes with Ultimate TV Channels)
10 users multiple devices: 800 Mbps. (Comes with Ultimate TV Channels)

TM Business specific

Within 10 days after the installation completion. You can choose pay online, over the counter etc.

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